How To Build And Sustain​ Trust in Diverse Teams! (NEW!)

Why consider building trust in diverse teams? What is trust? Why is it essential to team performance? What increases or decreases the level of trust in a group? How can leaders build and sustain high levels of trust? We all know that without trust a team cannot function.

Many wrote on what trust means in a wide range of contexts and situations. Until now, there had not been a concerted effort to quantify trust as it applies to diverse teams.

Who is it for? Anyone who wants to build trust with their team or help a team to build trust between them.

What does it contain? This workshop provides an in-depth understanding and recognition of trust in action. It gives a lean framework to develop and measure trust between team members.

It provides a set of practical tools to help team managers and team members to build and measure trust in a team
The aim of the workshop allows teams to build that trust, by:

  • Building team awareness and collaboration around the importance of trust. Sharing experiences, telling the story well and creating opportunities for the team to communicate and bond.
  • Building a means for communicating and working together as a team. Focusing on diverse cultural intelligence, connectional intelligence and individual differences.
  • Helping team members elevate their conversational intelligence in developing trusting relationships.

Find out today how to bring this fascinating workshop to your organisation! Get in touch with us to discuss this opportunity. Contact directly Nicos Paschali the developer and facilitator of this programme.