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Passionate innovator and leader and enthusiastic about helping startups, middle and large-size companies to grow and prosper. Helps people be happy. Facilitates and coaches trust leadership and managerial-personal effectiveness. Resolves panic attacks! Founder of a computer company in 1980. Sold the 1st screen based computer on the market in 1979. Founder of the 1st computer training centre in the market territory and later the 1st Microsoft Certified Partner and Training Center. Sold and delivered spreadsheet training in DOS, 1982! Sold the 1st Wang word processor in the area. Founder of Software Developing company in 1980. Core Business Software and an advanced CRM based on PACE the Wang proprietary database software.  Designed and developed 1st Greek daisy-wheel for printing Greek. Designed and produced the 8-bit character code for Greek language. Branding personal computer assembly in 1988. Founder of Business Consulting company for re-engineering structure and business processes in 1991 and implementing SIVA (Strategic Information Value Analysis). In 1992 a software development platform was set up and developed the own brand Windows based Visual Premier financial accounting, analysis and synthesis Tool using Visual Basic Ver.1. and Network Relational Database. It is still considered the most advanced software ever developed. Founder and branded Personal & Professional training company to offer business skills, soft skills and coaching in 1992 for personal growth and development. Developed online training platform in 1998 and promoted it through the Microsoft Partner Program at GITEX in Dubai in 2001 . Established the accelerated learning academy in 2001 for young students and professionals teaching PhotoReading and the Learn How to Learn proprietary system.  Founded the Personal Development and NLP Academy in 2002 teaching adults. Today focused more on trust leadership since 2014, teaches, facilitates, coaches and develops learning solution both for face to face and via the web. Providing holistic training on multiple subjects integrated with live online training and blended learning. Facilitated face-to-face and distance live online coaching since 2008.