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    Innovating Training Delivery and Satisfaction! 

    Old Models of training have not worked! Shopping training from a list is not working anymore. Capturing the customer’s insights to design and deliver training will lead to innovation. And innovation will lead to priceless training.

    When customers invite us to design and deliver training, we go into an interaction with them. It is essential to understand what jobs customers are trying to get done. It is also vital to capture desired outcomes. And what metrics they are using to judge the successful execution!

    We first help them deconstruct the job into discrete steps. And then define the performance measurement for each step!

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    Hiring for Growth or Replacement? 

    Today’s fast-paced work environments need employees who can do the job now. And have the potential to grow into new roles or leadership positions at your company in the future.
    After all, if an employee leaves, it costs your company more. Better to hire people who have the potential to grow within your organisation. And training them and coaching them not only saves you the pain of replacing them but also keeps you lots of money.
    Check your plans for delivering growth and progress for your talent. Do a trust audit, and you will find why people leave in the first place.
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    Admired Leader? Look Around You! Can You Spot one? 

    admired leader

    character of leader

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    Why Hire For Adaptability? 

    Talent hiring is big business!

    And it has been developed in the wrong direction to generate revenue for the sake of replacement and re-replacement.

    I read that most of the hiring managers say adaptability is the most important soft skill they screen for. It makes sense – to stay competitive today, your company needs to be able to adapt to a changing economy and business needs. That means you need employees who can adapt as well, and high-potential people often have this ability.

    But, why are they hiring in the first place? Somebody left! Why? Is the organisation adaptable enough? Well, check out your overall adaptability and trust factor before searching for soft adaptability skill for replacement.

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    Outcome-Driven Learning (ODL) 

    Get an intense training up and running fast!

    Designed and delivered by Nicos Paschali

    Convenient, High Value and Lowest Possible Cost!

    In our minds, we view skills, habits and behaviour-change training and coaching like a book! As we have been teaching PhotoReading, speedreading, rapid reading, and accelerating learning since 2001. A skilful way to absorb and assimilate information that serves a purpose. High impact learning that meets business outcomes, and gets the exact job done!

    We are disrupting the learning and development industry. We save time and money and increase outcomes and satisfaction for our customers!

    We serve those high-worth individuals who invest in growth to have an impact in their lives, in other people’s lives and their workplace.

    Get in touch with us today to discuss your next high impact training or speaking engagement!

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    Co-creating Change! 

    The bet today is about how to handle strategic challenges fast enough, with agility and creativity, to take advantage of windows of opportunity which open and shut more quickly today.

    The challenge today is to develop more conversational and connectional intelligence, elevate conversations and develop relationships to co-create change.

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    What Do I Want? 

    When you ask yourself: “WHAT do I want?” think only in tenus of a life-goal.

    WHAT do you want? … Happiness? .. Love? … Success? … Wealth? … Influence? ..

    Power? … Popularity? … Fame? … WHAT?

    You CAN have any or all of those things .. and more! But you must decide WHAT.

    Knowing that you CAN get it, makes it easy to choose WHAT you want.

    And . . . knowing WHAT YOU WANT is the first step in getting it!

    Getting WHATEVER you want in life is simply a matter of making the right choices-deciding WHAT and WHICH … and then knowing HOW.

    You’ ve got to know HOW to do it! Go out and do it.


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    Unblock Your Obstacles To Progress! 

    Are you happy today?

    In a short time and immediately we help you find the solution.

    We help you cut the pain that blocks your progress. Regain your self-confidence and find true happiness.

    We personalise your learning with facilitation and actionable coaching.

    Touch base with us today and discover how we can walk you through to your success!

    Unblock Your Obstacles To Progress Today!

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    Unlock Your Creative Genius! 

    When you are committed to “something”, it is a way of life. With that mindset come lots of  what I call “learning”, failures, setbacks, highs and lows.

    Highly creative people, managers or leaders are driven by an invisible force the “secret sauce” that inspires works of distinction.

    The kind of work that transcends tradition and shatters the status quo.

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    The Anateur And The Professional! 

    The model of the amateur and the professional.

    The thesis of this message is that what ails you and me has nothing to do with being sick or being wrong. What ails us is that we are living our lives as amateurs.

    The solution, this message suggests, is that we turn pro.

    Turning pro is free, but it’s not easy. You don’t need to take a course or buy a product. All you have to do is change your mind.

    Turning pro is free, but it’s not without cost. When we turn pro, we give up a life with which we may have become extremely comfortable. We give up a self that we have come to identify with and to call our own. We may have to give up friends, lovers, even spouses.

    Turning pro is free, but it demands sacrifice.

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