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    Coaching For Real Outcomes! 

    Coaching is a collaborative and co-creative process that inspires self-discovery, new possibilities, and strategic actions, designed to help you achieve your goals.

    A coaching conversation is an excellent tool that gives you a safe and secure outlet to discuss matters of importance with a neutral, confidential thinking partner.

    Coaching is based on asking powerful questions that ignite creative ways of thinking, inspiring you to do more than you thought you could, and holding you accountable for your decisions, actions and results.


    • Support you in setting rewarding goals
    • Discover, clarify, and align with what you want to achieve
    • Listen objectively and provide candid feedback
    • Encourage self-discovery, creativity and learning by doing
    • Elicit your solutions and strategies
    • Hold you responsible and accountable for your choices and actions



    • Overcome barriers that keep you from making progress
    • Maximize your strengths and abilities
    • Improved productivity, and efficiency
    • Complete unfinished business and move on
    • Achieve more with less effort
    • More time for reflection and creative pursuits
    • Create sustainable change in your life and work
    • Live life with purpose, passion and integrity
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    Here are five self-statements that will change you from procrastinator to producer! 


    1. Change “I have to” to “I choose to”
    2. Change “I must finish” to “When can I start?”
    3. Change “This project is so big and important” to “I can take one small step”
    4. Change “I must be perfect” to “I can be perfectly human”
    5. Change “I don’t have time to play” to “I must take time to play”
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    Six warning signs that indicate that you may suffer from procrastination: 


    1. You seem to have a never-ending source of obligations that you cannot meet.

    2. You are unrealistic about time. You’re always late or have no clear sense of a schedule, goals, etc.

    3. If you do set goals and values, they are vague and not specific.

    4. You are unfulfilled, frustrated, or depressed because of your lack of accomplishments, unmet goals and so on.

    5. You are indecisive and afraid of making commitments for fear of making a mistake.

    6. Your low self-esteem and lack of assertiveness hold you back from becoming productive.

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    Improve client meetings, boardroom negotiations, investor engagements, media grillings, staff concerns and numerous other interactions. A person who can influence the outcome of a crucial decision just by the way they present is an enormous asset to any company and personal relationships.

    And that’s the sort of person you can become!

    BECOME A MORE EFFECTIVE Presenter, influencer, facilitator, trainer, instructor…!

    The Presence, Influence and Finding your Voice Workshop is an intensive two-day program designed to help you develop and enhance your ability to communicate. You will learn how to present more effectively, influence the people in your work environment for a win-win outcome and apply a higher empathy to all your interactions.


    • Control board meetings
    • Handle crisis situations
    • Answer critical, difficult questions
    • Face the client in presentations
    • Form proposals
    • Control difficult conversations
    • Address staff and teams
    • On a personal level learn how to elevate your conversations with family and friends
    • …and so much more.

    Are you in Nicosia, Cyprus?

    I am running just one public workshop this year, 22&23 March 2018, 9.00-4.30

    “Mentally Presenting: The Art and Science of Telling Your Story to Influence and Persuade”

    We will provide breakfast at 8.30 and lunch at 12.30 and coffee breaks in between.

    Find out more by sending an email:  nicospas@gmail.com

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    Leadership On The Go! 

    Five-stage self-directed learning process based on brain science to rewire leaders toward more emotionally intelligent behaviours.

    • The first discovery: my ideal self – Who do I want to be?

    • The second discovery: my real self – Who am I? What are my strengths and gaps?

    • The third discovery: my learning agenda – How do I get from here to there? How can I build on my strengths while reducing my gaps?

    • The fourth discovery: experimenting with and practicing new thoughts, behaviors and feelings to the point of mastery – How do I make change stick?

    • The fifth discovery: developing supportive and trusting relationships that make change possible – Who can help me?

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    The power of belief in bringing new behaviour in your life! 


    Belief is at the core of modifying many habit loops and plays a critical role in habit change. For habit change to be permanent, people must believe change is possible.

    Studies show that people must believe in their capacity to change and that things will get better to achieve more permanent habit change.

    Groups can have a powerful effect on the belief by providing shared experiences and opportunities for people to publicly commit to change.

    If you want to change a habit, it usually helps to recognise the cue (“I always want to go to a bar when I feel stressed”), deliver the expected reward (“I feel more relaxed with my friends”), but find an alternative routine (“Instead of going to the bar, I’ll go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting”).

    And remember, your odds of success go up dramatically when you commit to changing as part of a group.

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    In Times Of Stress! 

    Did you know?
    STRESS is a signal that the challenge is bigger than our available resources.
    Two reasons change often provokes stress:
    • We get stuck.
    • We don’t have the support/resources we need to make the change work.

    Coaching is needed!

    When we are stressed we compromise our ability to empathise and collaborate with others… which often is just what we need to
    move forward.

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    Effective Sales Talent For Skills Coaching, Specific to Sales Managers! 

    Effective Sales Talent For Skills Coaching, Specific to Sales Managers
    Learn how to develop coaching culture, coach in 10 minutes or less. Develop your sales talent in the field with coaching reinforcement.
    Learn how to coach your people in a busy day efficiently.
    Learn how to develop a clear line between sales action, sales goals and business outcomes.
    Learn how to coach in 10 minutes or less and make a significant difference in your business outcomes!
    Find out more how to bring this coaching programme in your organisation. Get in touch with us today!
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    Trust Leadership, Strategy & Execution: How to Lead Today & Tomorrow 


    This high-stakes thinking training and coaching program is experiential for demanding organisations and forward-thinking leaders.

    It challenges them to break out of the everyday competition. It introduces a set of analytical tools and frameworks to do that. It helps them grow demand by creating an uncontested marketplace. Thus, making the competition irrelevant.

    We elaborate on how to define the different strategy and build up the execution skills to do that.

    Our aim is to help you and guide you to plan the strategy and its execution. Thus, making it as systematic and actionable as competing in a known market space!

    Check how you can bring this innovative learning programme to your organisation.

    Fast forward to:

    • create an executable trusted strategy,
    • bring your ideas to fruition,
    • build trust and commitment
    • build an understanding of the importance of intellectual and emotional recognition.

    After the workshop, you’ll be able to create a leap in value for buyers and your company by:

    • Creating uncontested market space
    • Making the competition irrelevant
    • Creating and capture new demand
    • Breaking the value-cost trade-off

    You will be able to integrate innovation in the everyday business.

    You will be able to align innovation with utility, price and cost positions.

    You will experience a new way of thinking about executing strategy.

    You will experience a new way of thinking to create a breakthrough competition.

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    “Mentally Presenting: The Art and Science of Telling Your Story to Influence and Persuade” 

    An innovative, practical and interactive workshop to improve your Presentation Skills. An experiential workshop to help you convey your key message to your target audience.

    This high-level workshop is good for executives, managers and entrepreneurs. For those presenting and wanting to perfect their presentation skills. For those wanting to tell the story to influence, persuade and handle tough questions.

    You will learn:

    • the art and science of telling your story using examples and suggestions.
    • what you must do to tell a story and persuade your audience
    • to stay focus on what your audience wants.
    • how to capture your audience in 90 seconds or less and never let go.
    • how to grasp and keep audience attention until the end.
    • how to craft and deliver effective presentations impacting business results.
    • how to perfect presentations that let you scale for 5, 15, 25, 45, an hour or more.
    • a whole new style of effective communication.
    • how to link up brain-to-brain and heart-to-heart with your audience.
    • to exert the power of your mind to control the forces of your body and create audience empathy and emotional alignment.
    • to develop bonding and trust.

    Find out when is the next face to face or live online workshop

    Go and register today or bring it to your company to become the master of the game to influence and persuade more. Make your ideas and message stick!


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