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    Do something different! 

    Are you prepared to be uncomfortable and do something different in order to be successful?are you prepared?-3

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    Just Do that ONE thing today! 

    Did you know that our thoughts, decisions, and  actions today will shape the way we will be living tomorrow?dosotoday

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    How do you make Trust? 

    WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE to work for a firm where leaders and colleagues trust one another? Freed from micro-management and rivalry, every employee contributes his or her best. Risk-taking and innovation become the norm.As author Joel Peterson notes, “When a company has a reputation for fair dealing, its costs drop: Trust cuts the time spent second-guessing and lawyering.”

    TRUST is the glue that holds an organization together. It turns suspicion into empowerment, avoidance into transparency, and conflict into creativity.


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    Chunk it Down! 

    The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your long, complex, overwhelming goals into small, manageable chunks. Use sub-goals to chunk them down and stop procrastination.

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    Integrity:Values in action 

    To truly be ourselves and put our core values into action in every moment of every day may seem like a goal beyond our reach. Yes, it’s nor easy. It’s hard.

    The great person who stands out is the one who’s so committed to his values that he is prepared to pay the price for authenticity.

    So, I’ll now invite you to play in your mind and think this question. Who are you when no one is watching?

    Are you willing to pay the price of authenticity or would you rather take the easy way out and join the crowd who playing fast and loose with their values? Your choice to become a leader and stand out in the crowd and steer your life and those you love according to those inner values that you know are true for you!

    If we look to those leaders who we respect the most, they are very often people who risk much for what they believe.

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    Personal message to you, who's looking for a coach, mentor! 

    I earn the right to coach, develop authenticity and rapport, and movement outside your comfort zone, challenging you to consider new perspectives thus driving you into a personal, behaviour-change relationship.
    If you have the intention to move on to higher success it’s time to externalise that voice and find that coach, the rare opportunity to win and be happy. Get in touch with me whenever you are ready to move forward. Find out how we handle the relationship. Send a message to nicospas@gmail.com.

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    Πως Να Σχεδιάζεις Στόχους, να Διαχειρίζεσαι τον Χρόνο και να Ιεραρχείς τις Προτεραιότητες Σου.
    Μια από τις βασικότερες και απαραίτητες ανάγκες στην προσωπική ζωή και επιχείρηση σήμερα είναι ο σωστός προγραμματισμός η σαφής διατύπωση στόχων ή επιδιώξεων και η αποτελεσματική υλοποίηση αυτών, η χρήση χρόνου και η ιεράρχηση προτεραιοτήτων.
    Με το τέλος του σεμιναρίου οι συμμετέχοντες θα είναι σε θέση να:
    Προγραμματίζουν υλοποιήσιμους τοσο βραχυπρόθεσμους οσο και μακροπρόθεσμους στόχους
    Μετατρέπουν τις πεποιθήσεις, ιδέες, σκέψεις και οράματα σε πρακτικές εφαρμόσιμες στρατηγικές
    Επικεντρώνουν την προσοχή τους και να ιεραρχουν τις προτεραιότητες τους
    Αναπτύσσουν επιλογές στις αποφάσεις και δραστηριότητες τους
    Συνθέτουν, αναλύουν και συσχετίζουν πληροφορίες ανάλογα με τους στόχους τους
    Ενεργοποιούν τη γνώση και να την μετατρέπουν σε άμεση πράξη
    Το τηλεργαστήριο απευθύνεται σε άτομα για προσωπική ανάπτυξη και διευθυντικά και εποπτικά στελέχη επιχειρήσεων και τμημάτων που έχουν σαν αντικείμενο τη στοχοθέτηση και επίτευξη στόχων.
    Ημερομηνίες: 12 &14 Ιουλίου 2016 ( 2 συναντήσεις)

    Ώρες: 7.30-9.00μμ
    Εισιτήρια: €39.90
    (Early bird €29,90)στόχοι-χρονος

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    Getting your ideas across 

    Making the difference in presenting ideas by communicating clearly and convincingly! A practical framework for you to follow in delivering your messages.
    Men and women in leadership positions are expected to be highly competent at presenting ideas, giving instructions, and explaining procedures. An add-on to being an effective communicator. This webinar will provide a framework for you to follow whenever you have an important message to deliver, whether you are writing or speaking, delegating or coaching, speaking to one person or speaking in a group.
    Nicos Paschali, the training leader, for the last 35 years, finding ways to push the boundaries to start a new curve right at the point of maturity and prior to decline, i.e. keep re-inventing ourselves, innovating, progressing and stay relevant in the future, we have helped leaders and their organisations lead better by addressing business outcomes and organisational changes and achieve more, through learning strategies, training programs & workshops that are linked to business outcomes, consulting, coaching and mentoring!
    Monday, July 11, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
    Admission €29.90 ( Early bird €22.90)getting your ideas

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    Teaching Leaders Coaching skills? 

    In the last few years, coaching has moved away from being the exclusive domain of professional coaches.

    Now, leaders at all levels are being asked to become more coach-like with their team members and colleagues. And yet, despite its growing popularity, certain misconceptions about coaching are pervasive.

    Contrary to the popular view, coaching is not a nice, neat cognitive process involving the exchange of feedback, insights, and action plans. It might better be described as a muddled, awkward expedition full of chaos, experimentation, self-learning, disappointment, and elation.

    And coaching is certainly not easy. It requires a considerable investment of time and energy to help another learn and develop.

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    Internal collaboration? 

    Did you know that 75% of leaders at large organizations expect collaboration to increase in importance in the next 3-5 years?  Collaborative culture is less fully realised in many large organisations. Nevertheless, executives from the largest organizations remain convinced that collaboration will play an increased role in the years to come. #NPx. What do you think?

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