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    Increasing employee engagement 

    Increasing employee engagement. Did you know that there is nothing more damaging to employee morale than asking employees for their thoughts and opinions on an issue and then failing to take any action based on their input? It is vital that employees understand that steps are being taken to improve employee engagement as a result of their responses.

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    Build on shared value and trust! 

    Are you and senior leaders creating a corporate culture built on shared values, trust and empowerment, valuing diversity and teamwork As the economy continues to improve, organisations with active employee engagement programs in place will prosper. The time is now for CEOs to ask HR and talent management professionals to do more about helping everyone achieve their maximum level of potential and satisfaction. Assess and improve employee engagement to re-energise and re-engage their people to continue to attain both personal and professional success with the organisation.

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    Εmployees who are happy in their work are more likely to create loyal customers. Engaged employees tend to have a better understanding of how to meet customer needs and, as a result, customer loyalty tends to be better in organizations where the employees are engaged

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    Engagement affects employee performance. ‘Engaged employees work harder, are more loyal and are more likely to go the ‘extra mile’ for the corporation’. Εngagement is an ‘illusive force’ that motivates an individual to achieve higher levels of performance. Τhe most engaged and committed perform 20 per cent better than their colleagues. Ηigh levels of engagement at work support employees in ‘taking initiative and pursuing learning goals.

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    If you could imagine that you can wave a magic wand and make your future perfect in every way what would, that be? Think about it and your answer will help you lead, regulate your actions and develop your near perfect life. Of course, if you need a personal coach ask for it!

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    If leaders are emotionally unstable, then they can not perform, and they can create great problems for their team on productivity and performance. But even if they are emotionally healthy, and they cannot be trusted enough then engagement and execution go on thin air. So what comes first? Do a trust analysis and assessment to identify strengths and build more on them, identify weakness and shape them up to more trust disciplines and competencies. Then you will see positive results flowing in the organisation.

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    Listening is the foundation of any good relationship. Great leaders listen to what their customers and prospects want and need, and they look to the challenges clients face. What do you think as a leader, are you listening? Be authentic, please! Maybe if you don’t it works for you. Tell us about it.

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    More Trust means More Influence, Engagement and Execution– More Sales, More Loyalty–! 

    Dear Leader,
    They stay loyal if you stay true and trusty!

    Did you know that no matter how much you invest in training and coaching for improving performance, if people don’t trust you, you are wasting your resources? So, if you appreciate the value of trust being an essential element in engagement and performance why don’t you start improving your trust levels first, before any other training investments? Surely you need Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude in place!

    Re: HR & Customer Trust Leadership Program for sales and service to quickly and deeply understand the language of trust, create a leap in value for your business and quickly increase performance! It involves consulting, training activities and coaching sessions.

    We lead Trust Leadership Development and Sales transformation initiatives at a CEO level helping business develop, design and implement the Trust Leadership Business Model. Thus, enabling them to improve engagement (being completely absorbed in activities), positive relationships (being authentically connected to others), happiness (feeling good), retention (stay longer), achievement (sense of accomplishment and success) & execution (doing).

    I believe it will be beneficial for your organisation! We designed this program to help steer the process of instilling and nurturing trust, encourage discussions and insights and model effective trust leadership to your people at all levels of authority.

    We want to show you how our “HR & Customer Trust Program” is impacting the internal alignment of teams and the sales and service performance. We will also show you how helped organisations achieve up to 35% of Net Promoter Score (NPS)in very short time. Literally within four weeks, by focusing on what drives their customers’ trust specifically at their touchpoint.

    HuTrust® developed in Australia is the psychologically correct model of how trust forms in our minds, and gives us a useful structured way of thinking. It helps us understand the six elements of forming trust and what we can do to improve each element to improve performance. It enables us to build and manage sustainable trust with all our audiences effectively, leading to engagement and executing excellence, thus meeting key performance indicators.

    If you feel that this could be of relevance to you and want to explore it further with us, we can set up a face to face meeting to brief you on this important and vital for the business topic. Or if you prefer we can schedule a web based interactive meeting from the desk of your office.

    I attach a brief on HuTrust. More on HuTrust http://hutrust.com
    More on Nicos at http://www.nicospaschali.com
    Connect? https://au.linkedin.com/in/paschali
    Email: nicos@nicospaschali.com

    Be well, fair & happy

    Nicos Paschali,

    Business Owner & Accredited Trainer, Consultant, and Coach.
    Paschalis Consulting Ltd (Since 1980)

    “We are in the business of Personal & Professional Transformation with 35 plus years of business practice, updated learning methodologies, real value business outcomes deliverables and multicultural global experience. We consult, teach, train, instruct, facilitate and coach people to help advance individual thinking, expand awareness and progress through change that makes them happy.”trust driver of sales

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    Today is the time to make time for your personal goals! 

    One of the biggest challenges in trying to accomplish any personal goal is that we tend to put them off until tomorrow, or next week, in favor of more pressing matters at work and home.Unfortunately, tomorrow never gets here.

    If you want to accomplish a goal, you have to start on it today.

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    The skill of planning 

    You take somebody that doesn’t clean up their closet, they open the closet and they look in and they go, “gosh I should really clean this mess up”, and then they think “but I could do this and I could do this and I could do this”, and next thing you know they find themselves doing something else. It’s cause they don’t really make it a plan, they don’t make a commitment to themselves and other people. So then how do you teach people to plan? 

    I teach people how to control their thoughts and their mind in a way where they get control of their brain. I learnt it from Richard Bandler! 🙂

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