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    Focus and Discipline. 

    Solid skills in organizing and prioritizing are highly admired leadership traits. By strengthening these skills you strengthen your image within your organization, and, in particular, with the individuals you lead.

    As leaders acquire more authority, organizing and prioritizing daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities becomes progressively more demanding. Leaders are challenged by keeping track of obligations, following-up on projects, attending to details, determining current status, and future planning. In addition, they are responsible for monitoring the same issues regarding their team members.

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    Networking to Build Your Personal Brand. 

    Personal branding is the message you send and the message that others receive about you. How do you want to stand out from the crowd and have people remember you? Do you want to be known as a problem solver, an outstanding team member, a diplomatic change agent? Do you want to be perceived as polished, professional, and friendly?

    For others to receive your intended message, it must be genuine and authentic.

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    Coach for Performance Improvement. 

    Coaching is about providing support and advice to help an individual recognize ways in which they can improve their effectiveness and performance. Coaching has traditionally been employed to help a poor or struggling performer improve. Now it is recognized as a solid methodology for encouraging strong performers to grow and improve even faster. Effective leaders use coaching to provide direction, instruction, and training to help their team members grow skills and achieve objectives.

    Accountability starts with clearly defined performance objectives, and the leader measures individual and group contributions against that end, working diligently to close the gaps. Holding others accountable to their goals provides opportunities for growth, learning, and ongoing motivation.

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    Build Trust, Credibility, and Respect 

    “Building and earning the trust of employees should be seen as a business priority for organizations. Organizations that cultivate a sense of trust from their employees will see a return in improved retention rates and productivity, going the extra mile.”

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    What is framing? 

    Have you noticed how, if you change its frame (the labelling of experience to produce meaning), a picture suddenly look very different? The frame highlights certain qualities of the picture as it sets the boundaries of the image. The way we think can similarly frame our experience, highlighting particular aspects of it. Framing is the way we “place” our experience to give them meaning. Depending on the frame we use, we can experience the same event very different. So different frames (problem, outcome, as-if, reframing) can be be very powerful tools in change work!

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    Infinete Vs limited mind! 

    Did you know that people who have an infinite mind measure success by how many of those people they helped be better people and blessed their lives? 

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    This is for difficult people … :) 

    Did you know that no one can go back and make a brand new start my friend, but anyone can start from today and make a new end! Go out and just do it.

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    How do you really wanted things to be in your life? 

    I want you to enjoy this weekend and I can leave you with this question which you can repeat everyday when you want to change something  in your life!

    I am convinced that individuals have a reservoir of wisdom (resources and strengths) learned and forgotten but still available.

    “Suppose tonight while you sleep, a miracle happens. When you awake tomorrow morning, what will you see yourself doing, thinking, or believing about yourself that will tell you a miracle has happened in your life?”

    Be well and happy! #NPx

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    Leadership from the navy! Extreme ownership. 

    (*) The leader is always responsible. (This is what they call “extreme ownership.” Basically, leaders must always “own” the mistakes and shortcomings of their teams.)
    (*) Everyone on the team must believe in the mission.
    (*) Work with other teams to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.
    (*) Keep plans simple, clear, and concise.
    (*) Check your ego.
    (*) Figure out your priorities, and then act on them one at a time.
    (*) Clarify your mission (i.e., your plan).
    (*) Engage with your higher-ups; keep them in the loop–especially when they frustrate you.
    (*) Act decisively, even when things are chaotic.

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    Are you ready to redesign yourself once more? 

    Did you know that successful organizations are making radical changes to meet the challenges that are reshaping the workplace, the workforce, and work? In 2016, the Human Capital Trends survey identified the need for organizations to redesign themselves around teams, leadership, culture and learning.

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