The More Trusted Leader Platform

“More Trusted Leader Workshop”

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Course Description

The aim of the workshop to inspire you to open doors of opportunity for the people you lead.

The More Trusted Leader program is designed to give business leaders the ability to harness the power of trust and reap the benefits of a trusting and engaged workforce.

Leaders today need a variety of skills to manage in the constantly changing times we live in, however, more than ever there is no greater need than to build trust with employees.

Research shows that unlocking discretionary effort and emotional commitment can lead to 3 times higher company performance with no increased financial investment.

This training program will give you the keys to unlock trust and equip you with a skill that can deliver an immense value of effectiveness and performance to you and your organisation.

This training program will show you step by step how you build that trust which is so imperative to driving your employee’s loyaltyadvocacy, and ultimately performance!

Target Audience

Emergent leaders who wish to enhance their ability to drive results across the organisation and take their leadership skills to the next level

The talent at all levels of the organisation, government and private industry, especially middle management, supervisors, human resources and training directors, people thinking or planning to pursue a leadership role and anybody responsible for transforming an organisation’s business results.

Course Outcome

  1. Understand trust and the effects of trust
  2. Know what drives and inhibits trust
  3. Create your optimised trust value statements and aspirations
  4. Create action/proof points for each of your trust statements
  5. Develop your ‘Trusted Leader’ story
  6. Develop comprehensive action plan

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