Leadership Innovation?

Individual creativity is made up of three things:

Thinking differently

Feeling differently

Focusing, or committing, differently.

You need to be willing to come up with new ideas, even unusual ones. To care about solving problems that other people might think are impossible or unimportant. And, the willpower to take action on your ideas, and see them through.

The power to be innovative is already inside you. Human beings are inherently creative creatures. Some people are more creative than others, and we’re all creative in different ways. And you can learn to be more creative and innovative.

Start collecting ideas. Get outside your comfort zone and try to find ideas that are unproven and new. Use new sources and collect ideas you might normally dismiss.

Take those ideas and transform them in a lot of different ways, such as reversing the assumption of an idea, or reversing its implementation. Make it prettier, uglier, longer, thinner, higher, or lower, etc.

Be willing to take an idea and change it to make it yours, or to fit your purpose.