What kind of a leader are you?

Someone once said, “People have two reasons for doing anything—a good reason and the real reason.” For you to be a good leader when dealing with people, the good reason must be the same as the real reason. Your motives matter.

If you are a leader—or want to become one—you need to ask yourself why. There is a big difference between people who want to lead because they are genuinely interested in others and desire to help them, and people who are in it to help only themselves. People who lead for selfish reasons seek…

Power: They love control and will continue to add value to themselves by reducing the value of others.

Position: Titles are their ego food. They continually make sure that others feel their authority and know their rights as a leader.

Money: They will use people and sell themselves for financial gain.

Prestige: Their looking good is more important to them than their being and doing good