Speak Better English in 5 Days!

The fastest way to learning Spoken English -Guaranteed!

Five exciting days full of activity and challenges which will provide you with the self confidence and courage to speak English with correct grammar and pronunciation and a richer and more precise vocabulary.

The seminar is based on new advances in educational approaches. You will have a different mastery and understanding of English and of communication in general. Your mindset will be more flexible as you learn the basic culture underlying international business language. You will be able to be creative in the language as opposed to struggling to keep up with what is going on.

This is a first time ever opportunity to experience a form of learning, specifically designed to help the subconscious mind activate reserve capacities rarely placed at your disposal, and this will give you a kind of “User’s Guide” to maximise your personal efficiency long after the course itself. Every bit of scientific data shows that this method lets people learn between 2 1/2 and 3 times as fast as any other method and with longer retention.

The course is so much fun that you will spontaneously remember everything that has happened and all the information connected to the group experience.

Three Courses are available, one for Beginners, one Intermediate and one Advanced level. For real beginners the course can be customised to reach the expected level between one and four weeks.

What you will achieve

Learning that goes 2½ to 3 times as fast as any other approach, Creates more efficient use of your resources, Motivation, Higher self-esteem and more self-confidence, Better recall of everything you learn, An overcoming of fear of failure, ridicule, and shyness.

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Participation limited to 12 places per course