Developing leaders as a core competency.

Most companies view their competitive strengths in terms of the ability to devise smart strategies and efficiently deliver the goods and services that customers want. Teaching organizations also seek winning strategies and brilliant execution, but they view the cause and effect equation differently. They start with the premise that people devise the strategies and implement the execution. Then, they focus equally on developing people.

Leaders with that point of view make decisions differently from people using other metrics. That means not only that the choices they make are sometimes different, but also that the way they arrive at those choices is different. Because decision making is an important leadership skill, leaders in a teaching organisation teach others by opening up the decision making process so that everyone can see how and why they reached a particular decision.

Check-out with us and learn more about the leadership programme ” Leaders as Teachers & Coaches” and find out about the journey to become a great organisation.

We help organisations becoming leaning and teaching organisations by teaching your leaders to teach their leaders and associates and Unlock the Teaching Potential of Your Company’s Best and Brightest.

And enjoying the following benefits:

  • Help to drive business results
  • Stimulate the learning and development of leaders and associates
  • Improve the…skills of those who teach
  • Strengthen organisational culture and communications
  • Promote positive business and organisational change
  • Reduce cost by leveraging top talent”