“Coaching mid and senior level leader struggling to learn how to best manage himself and engage others”


Executive coaching–personal training in mid and senior level leadership as a powerful prescription drug, specific and focussed, that works best under certain conditions.

We bring to the table more than 35 years of versatile business experience and skills and up-to-day content, processes and mindset.
We wanted training that stand up to the test of everyday transition times… one client said.
In a world of competition there’s no cutting corners… another client said.

Here are five diagnostic questions you should ask before making the decision to hire a coach.

  1. How valuable is your performance and potential to your organisation?
  2. What is the challenge you are facing right now?
  3. How willing and able will you be to work with a coach?
  4. What alternatives to coaching are available?
  5. Are key people in the organisation ready to support your efforts to grow and change?
When conditions are right, executive coaching can be one of the best people investments you’ll ever make. But it is not a panacea for every executive development problem.
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