A goal without a plan is just a wish!

hbdi team

Creating a 2017 plan is about organising yourself, turning your dreams into reality, and helping you to improve your career and business prospects by learning new or refining existing skills and developing a progress & growth mindset.

By taking time to focus on yourself, you can work out what you “really” want from your life and career, set your personal and work-based goals, and make working toward them a part of your everyday routine. Develop new habits.

Discover and explore yourself by considering your key values, your needs, and your sense of meaning, your purpose.

Carefully think about your dreams by writing down everything you want to do and be, everywhere you want to go, and everything you want to have. Make it stick!

Make the choices that boost your life and career by focusing on the dreams and aspirations that mean most to you, and checking that achieving them will give you the outcome and results you want.

Create powerful and wellformed outcome goals by turning your dreams into inspiring visions of the future, and then turning these into motivating milestone goals.

Organise yourself for success by creating an action plan in different areas of your life. List your career and personal goals, and break them down into small, achievable tasks. Use this to record and manage everything you do, as you get closer to realising your dreams. Use a feedback loop to keep you on target.