The School For Our Children’s Experiences.


Everyone knows how to celebrate success, but you should also celebrate failure if it is as a result of a child striving for an out of reach goal.

Do we find opportunities to help our children take courses in life before they need them?

The value of giving people experiences before they need them plays out in many fields other than business. We need to teach our children those experiences and problems they need to resolve to make then capable of becoming successful.

It is safe to say that our children’s abilities are developed and shaped by experiences in life. The skills our children have or lack depend heavily on which “courses,” so to speak, they have and have not taken along the way and before they need them.

Hone your children along the way, by having experiences that can teach them how to strategize and execute, how to deal with setbacks or extreme stress in high stake situations. The action that can help them make better decisions in life.

Your children should be ready to stand out not only on paper but because of real experiences, knowledge, and attitude to get in and graduate from the dream College or University, get the dream job and build a career with genuine and authentic experiences that required to do the job.