Make change happen with Kotter’s 8-Step Model

Three-day workshop with Nicos Paschali


Discover a model that helps you implement change effectively, by winning support and buy in from your team and key stakeholders.

This experiential and interactive three-day workshop will provide you with a structured and proven approach to implementing effective change in your organisation. One of the primary reasons change initiatives fail (over 70%, according to the Kotter Institute) is because leaders do not effectively manage the people and cultural aspects of change.

During this workshop, based on John Kotter’s world-renowned and highly acclaimed 8-step model for planning and leading organisational change, participants will take part in interactive activities, using case studies, tools and templates, to create a roadmap for successful execution of major change.


  • Participants will gain the skills, knowledge and practical application experience they need to effectively and efficiently plan and manage an organisational change process using Kotter’s 8-step model and other principles of change management. Specifically, by the end of this training, participants will be able to:
  • Identify key drivers of an organisation’s culture and recognise different types of change processes
  • Recognise the human side of change and know how to help people deal more effectively with change, maintaining their commitment and bringing them successfully to the change process
  • Explain how change impacts individuals , different ways they may respond to change situations and how learning processes help them adapt
  • Offer insights on how organisations work, how the process of organisational change occurs and the typical roles that collaborate to deliver successful change
  • Outline important aspects of how to build and equip a change team to improve effectiveness
  • Produce a plan to manage an organisational change process using best practices, including Kotter’s eight steps, for managing change
  • Apply effective organisational change management strategies for planned and emergent change
  • Identify and involve key stakeholders to produce positive results
  • Build an effective communication plan to increase motivation and overcome resistance to organisational change
  • Prepare essential tools and templates to support organisational change initiatives
  • Identify quick wins to build and sustain momentum for organisational change
  • Predict and mitigate risks related to organisational change program success
  • Examine methods to reduce time and costs to effect organisational change with longer-lasting results
  • Develop strategies and plans to change behaviours and transition the culture to embed the change
  • Determine the key controls and sustaining elements required to embed the organisational change and promote a culture of continual



This program is designed for those leading, managing and supporting organisational change initiatives including:

  • C-level leaders
  • Change Leaders – VPs, Directors, Senior Managers
  • Program, Project and Business Managers
  • Business Change Managers (Change Agents)
  • Business Analysts
  • Development and Planning Managers
  • HR and Organizational Development Practitioners
  • Consultants and Facilitators

More delivery flexible formats available customised for the specific organisation!