Deeper-rooted values!


The towards and away from programmes.

If you have a towards programme, you are recognisable by your drive.You set goals easily and are frequently creating new goals for yourself. Sometimes you disregard the risks involved and, at if your values are being violated, what are you going to do about it? the extreme end, may not complete one goal before beginning another.

Advantages – forward-thinking, goal-orientated, positive energy and drive.

Disadvantages – may get entangled in too many new initiatives at once, may be perceived as gung-ho and have a tendency to leave things unfinished.

If you have an away from programme, you focus on avoiding risks and making sure everything is safe before moving forward.You sometimes miss out on life and work experiences as a result of fear of taking a risk. Typical behaviour includes being overinsured ‘just in case’ and, when asked what you want, replying with a list of things you don’t want. You hold back from getting involved in anything new until all concerns have been fully addressed.You put a high priority on all forms of security.

Advantages – very good at assessing risks and recognising what to avoid.

Disadvantages – overly cautious, with a tendency to focus on the downside, may appear negative and unwilling to try new experiences and make choices based on avoidance rather than a desire for something new.