Build your Personal Innovation Strategy & Develop a Personal Career Road-Map!

Most of the discussion around disruption these days revolves around companies. Not so much around individual careers. We live in a time of exponential change and dislocation. It’s more important than ever to develop a personal career road-map. That keeps you on course, no matter what comes at you.
Avoid the trauma of sudden disruption and develop a Personal Innovation Strategy. A written out plan that keeps you on course through good times and bad. Not only do you avoid personal obsolescence, but you also roll with the punches. And you build resilience.
Here are six key components to building a personal innovation strategy:
1. Take time to develop your strategy.
2. Rate your employer’s Disruption Factor.
3. Manage your future. Set both short and longer-term goals.
4. Prepare yourself by taking on new responsibilities.
5. Build soft skills. Your more trusted profile and strategy execution skills.
6. Strive to become indispensable.