Master the preliminaries before you go for the big result!


Get to know what preliminary conditions you need for the desired result. Then focus on the mindsets and actions to develop those preliminary conditions.

You achieve a big result not by focusing your current action on the big result. You do that, by focusing your current action on the preliminary conditions. To get you ready for the big result.

If you don’t focus on the preliminary conditions, you’ll be playing a part you didn’t prepare for. We all know “looking the part” usually doesn’t suffice.

If you want a big result, focus your effort on related results to prepare you for the big one.

Ask the following questions after identifying a big result you want to achieve:

  1. What result do I want?
  2. What preliminary preconditions must I have to reach the big result
  3. What skills, mindsets, actions will I need to develop? In orde to have the preliminary conditions?

Once you’ve identified the answer to No. 3, focus your effort there. Focus your effort on developing the preliminary conditions. Once you’ve developed the preconditions, and can achieve them, you’re ready for the big result.

We are less likely to achieve the big result if we focus our current effort on it. Discover the preliminary conditions you’ll need to achieve the big result. Then put your effort on the actions that develop those preconditions. Thus taking a big step toward your big goal.