How you’re brought up can radically impact how successful you become.

Natural abilities stop mattering in hunting success after you reach a skills “threshold.” A far more important factor is whether you have useful intelligence.

Practical intelligence is “procedural” knowledge.

Knowing how to interpret and work social situations to get what you want. In other words, knowing who to ask what, and when. The ability to interact and negotiate with authority can help to get closer to our goals.

This knowledge is not innate. Wealthier parents instil in their children a feeling of “entitlement”. More than lower-class parents do. They do this by paying more attention to their children. Providing their children with enriching activities that promote intellectual growth.

They teach their children to demand respect and to “customise” a situation to suit their needs. In other words, they teach their kids practical intelligence.

By contrast, poorer parents are often intimidated by authority. They let their children follow a pattern of “natural growth”. There is less pushing, prodding and encouraging than in wealthier families. Thus children from poorer households are less likely to learn practical intelligence.

Thus, decreases their chances of success.