Building Solid Habits That Stick!

Join our 8-week 1:1 program for a good transformation that matters! Reset your habits and rewire your brain!

If you are serious about reimagining goal setting and achieving, this programme is a unique online rewarding experience for you and your organisation.

A proven approach to building relevant, sustainable change.

Discover a new kind of professional learning. One you can craft your year ahead and convert your wishes and expectations into a doable day-to-day practice.

A short-term, inquiry-driven immersions into creating relevant and sustainable change. Change via expert coaching and deep collaborative learning. Change that matters.

Raise the bar for the change!

The 8-week learning experience with hands-on weekly conversations, provocations and reflections. A coaching method that forces you to maximise who you are. And at the same time providing the support structure. The structure you need to define and execute next steps in changing. Change leading toward a happier and more fulfiling life.

This experience will push your thinking and help you define a way forward in your life. To make the real difference and thrive in your career!

Get in touch with me, Nicos Paschali, today! Find out how we can setup this private and personal coaching programme for you.