“Presenting: The Art and Science of Telling Your Story to Influence and Persuade”

“Presenting: The Art and Science of Telling Your Story
to Influence and Persuade”
22&23 March
Nicosia Cyprus

An innovative, practical and interactive workshop to improve your presentation skills. An experiential workshop to help you convey your key message to your target audience.

This high-level workshop is good for executives, managers and entrepreneurs. For those presenting and wanting to perfect their presentation skills. For those wanting to tell the story to influence, persuade and handle tough questions.

You will learn the art and science of telling your story using examples and suggestions.

You will learn what you must do to tell a story and persuade your audience. How you stay focus on what your audience wants.

How to capture your audience in 90 seconds or less and never let go.

You will learn how to grasp and keep audience attention until the end.

You will learn how to craft and deliver effective presentations impacting business and personal results.

You will learn how to perfect presentations that lets you scale for 5, 15, 25, 45 minutes, an hour or more.

Nicos developed this approach over the years of creating and delivering high-stakes presentations, facilitating and coaching for outcomes.