“How to, Complete your Reading in Less Time, Comprehend and Remember More!”

“The 3-Step SmartReading System”, I took what I learned in more than 18 years teaching PhotoReading and other Accelerated Learning Methodologies and I packaged it into a 3-step easy to learn and apply system for the average reader”

–Nicos Paschali–

And now you can learn the system live online, via a web-interactive class, one-on-one!

If you are an average reader, student or professional and you are struggling with concentration, motivation and reading speed, you are about to learn a foolproof  3-step system you can use to increase your motivation, your attention, your understanding, and your speed.

You will also increase your memory recall and be able to take into your hands any book or written material, easy or difficult and read it with ease in any situation or circumstances.

Plus a little trick how to spell correctly and increase your vocabulary!

A practical workshop where I will show you and teach you, what you must do and how to do it, in 3 easy steps, because anybody can do!

Here is what you will be learning:

  • Develop your reading confidence
  • Develop focus and concentration ability
  • Develop speed reading efficiency and flexibility
  • Develop your understanding and comprehension
  • Learn how to prepare and respond to examinations
  • Learn to control and apply various speed reading rates for different material
  • Learn to fast understand concepts, main ideas and patterns of written material
  • Learn how to take and make notes that can help you remember, recall and revise

You can register for face to face or live interactive online format. Four sessions 90 mins each, one-on-one at your convenience! Purchase a ticket for  €495.

Go here to this link to register