What you resist persists. — Carl Jung

Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting desire into its monetary equivalent. — Napoleon Hill

Persistence is essential to accomplish anything. How can you succeed if you quit?
You can’t. But what does it mean to persist? The quotes give us two options, two
ways to respond to obstacles or challenges, and two outcomes.

Suppose you are unhappy with the way your life is. You want to have more fun, make more money, do more things. Maybe you want to move into a nicer house or drive a
better car. Or perhaps you are looking for a more fulfilling relationship or a business that supports you in greater style.

When you have a strong desire and things don’t seem to be going your way–maybe
your mortgage company won’t let you borrow enough money to buy your dream house,
or you have a big failure or reversal in your business fortunes, take a big loss in the stock
market–when those kinds of unexpected events happen you have two choices.

You can get angry and resentful. You can scream and stamp your feet like a little kid.
Or you can say “that’s interesting,” trusting that all is right with the Universe and there is
something better, different or unexpected in store for you. Then you tweak your organised plan and keep moving.

If you make the first choice, if you get angry and upset you are in resistance. Your insistence on being angry and acting out is a negative form of persistence that keeps you
stuck. When you persist in being negative your actions and attitude generate more
of the same. What you put out comes right back at you making you even more stuck
and isolating you in a small dark corner of your life until you finally give up in despair.

If instead, you accept what is happening with faith, without resistance, you are bowing to the greater wisdom of the Universe. You are acknowledging that there is something better out there, something more in synch with who and what you are. This open,
positive attitude allows you to better evaluate your situation with clarity allowing for good decision making going forward. This, in turn, gives you the energy and strength to
persist in achieving your long-term goals despite temporary setbacks. You may even
get a better idea of how to proceed in light of what happened moving you forward even

Of course, part of this process is being actively grateful for whatever comes your way.
A daily gratitude practice actually changes the molecular structure of your brain making
away for more happiness and the kind of positive attitude that lets you succeed in spite
of the inevitable obstacles and challenges.

Persistence is essential. We need only choose to persist with gratitude in what moves
us forward rather than in the negativity that keeps us stuck.