A New Vision for Running SmartMeetings

A New Vision for Running SmartMeetings, with Nicos Paschali

Stop wasting valuable time with frustrating and unproductive meetings. And quickly learn the steps you need to take to make sure your meetings are productive and successful.

This high-impact workshop will provide you with an agenda how to:

  • organise and lead “no-fail” effective meetings,
  • create a supportive and brave meeting environment where stakeholders are willing to engage in conversations, discussions and decisions.
  • Communicate, solve problems, get ideas across, make decisions, plan projects and inspire teams.

This workshop will benefit executives looking to work more with your teams. It will benefit the new manager learning for the first time. It will help you create the path in making meetings more meaningful and useful.

Many candidates choose to take 1:1 live interactive sessions over the Internet with me from their home or office. It is the most productive and best way to personalise learning to who you are. Every day, I am teaching people over the internet from all over the world, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East, Australasia, North America and Latin America.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your desired results. Remember you hold the keys to your calendar! Be well, life is good.