Most amazing blended coaching program with “Unlimited Coaching Calls” for a fixed yearly fee! Accountability is on you!

The least expensive and most comprehensive coaching programme on the market!
We help individuals and groups advance their careers or business. 
We do that with blended coaching, training and mentoring—all in one.
The most significant value is in “the doing”. 
The client books the first as a 30 mins strategy meeting. We discuss needs, aspirations and outcomes. We discuss one specific item on the subsequent booking (15 minutes duration, and we call it check-ins). We review and reflect on progress and agree on action items. Thus we deliver the model and framework of bite-size learning. Then we provide homework for “the doing”. The client can only book another session when he or she completes the assignment.
But we only accept clients willing to commit to “Work” with us to advance. We thus keep the client accountable for “the doing”. 
If the client has questions or ambiguity, they email us to arrange a further session to clarify.
We provide resources such as PDFs, links, video, and audio. We use zoom to connect, record each session and share the recording with the client. We do this for better comprehension, understanding and reference. We document every session and share it with the client. 
We focus on delivering and achieving for our clients the highest standard results. We have a solid vision to help you make a difference in attaining your wanted outcomes. We help you move from a stressful environment to a flow state.
We provide “outcome-based coaching” and training for: 

  • Mindset cultivation,
  • Conversational intelligence elevation, and 
  • New habit acquisition. 
  • Ideation
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership

Our programme moves clients from stress to flow zone and happiness, increasing performance and resilience. People in a state of flow are productive, not so stressful and happier!
Nicos Paschali