We are all trapped in our own good or bad way of thinking, trapped in our own way of relating to people. We get so used to seeing the world our own way that we come to think that the world is the way we see it!

The challenge of any business leader or polititian today is to see how they can bring complementary, different, and important skills and points of view to the table. And to select people whose talents are equal to and perhaps greater than their own talents. Bring people to the table with different approaches and ways of thinking into the mix and rely heavily on them as true partners.

Our ability to see ourselves, our opponents and the situation in a balanced manner serve us very well. We mustn’t be blinded by our own thinking or our own point of view. By habit and instinct we must surround ourselves with people who challenge our thinking and helping us see even more clearly.

Let us find out what balance processing is and how we can train our business leaders and politicians how to do it immediately!

“Balanced processing is a cognitive, emotional and behavioural skill that allows us to look at ourselves, others and situations with a broad lens that doesn’t magnify your own view or organise everyone else’s views around our own”.

Balanced processing is an essential skill for the practice of authentic leadership. A tool to balance our thought process, to bring balance to our thinking and decision making about ourselves, others and situations.

To really survive and thrive outside of the water of our own thinking. If we all go out and have several conversations with people who interest us, for the sole purpose of understanding how they think, we can broaden our own views.

Of course it takes work, effort and attention to get out of the box of our own perceptions and broaden and balance our thought process.

Balanced processing is the opposite of self-deception and we all know people who deceive themselves everyday. And deceiving yourself can appear to be easier, at least in the short term, than dealing with cold, hard realities about yourself, others, or situations.

After all, how on earth are we going to be authentic and real if we can’t see things, ourself, and others clearly?

If you want to bring Balanced Processing in your career and personal life, we can help!