How are you currently performing? Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Social Promotion.

Is trust important for your business? Do you know what’s the trust level in your company? Who is leaving or who is staying? Do you know how to measure trust levels in your business? Do you want to learn how to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?
Have a chat with one of our friendly customer experience experts here at Paschalis Consulting or contact Nicos Paschali directly at We can show you how you’re currently performing, how easy it is to measure your Trust NPS, how you could improve and highlight any of your employees or customers who may be at risk of leaving you.

The quick 20-minute Internet conference consultation includes:

  • A free Trust NPS consultation with one of our experts – no obligation required
  • An overview of best practice NPS Strategies and Customer Experience
  • Tips on how to improve your employee and customer experience measurement
  • Sharing our screen with you online to show how our tools can benefit your business.