“Parents: How to have better conversations with your children as they grow and mature!”

A practical workshop to learn how to engage children in a dialogue with less defensiveness and less argument. The all new and updated workshop to teach parents how to engage in a conversation with their children beyond sadness and frustration, how to connect more and have a profound influence on the way they think.

In my professional life as a facilitator and coach people, clients, and my seminar attendees approach me looking for help for their children after finding what I teach applicable in their personal life.

I yearly dedicate a slight portion of my time to selected “clients” with challenging issues.  Either to help their children accelerate their learning and perform at exams or to improve communication with them.

And through a one on one meetings with parents we coach and inspire them to find creative ways to communicate with their increasingly uncommunicative kids.

Our primary job as parents is to take our children to the mountaintop, to become a resource of knowledge, guidance and inspiration to help them craft, shape and told their characters. To enrich the conversation, grow the level of two-way communication, improve active listening and emotional balance.

I run twice a year this new updated workshop which will help you and enable you as a parent put your child in touch with his heart and mind so that you will prepare him for mastering cognitive and social behaviour.

I hope and firmly believe that this workshop as a guide will steer you toward a wholly new and improved way of parenting. You will become a more effective parent and that in so doing you will raise children who will always reach for the highest plane.

And remember that words that emanate from the heart penetrate the heart!

Get in touch with me at nicos@nicospaschali.com to find out more and discuss the suitability of the workshop to you personally.

Be well and happy

Nicos Paschali