Creating Achievable Outcomes.

Creating Achievable Outcomes

Learn how to think productively and setup direction in your life and business

It is a 5-step structure, based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles, and it was modeled from studies of successful people. It involves asking a set of questions that identify and clarify your intentions, actions, and thoughts, so that you can define your goal in a “well-formed” way. It provides the answer to the question, What do I really want?

In this case an outcome is a statement about a desired state that you want instead of the present state you are in. It is a clear statement and representation in your mind of what you want.

An outcome contains a desire, a commitment and sets the direction, a result you want to get from taking a specific action. The Disney method will be used to come up with creative thinking around an outcome during class exercise.

Outline of the 5-Step methodology:

Step 1 – Define your outcome, characteristics

Step 2 – Check your current state

Step 3 – Create a strong internal representation

Step 4 – Create a well-formed outcome

Step 5 – Integrate your outcome