The Inner Game of FX Trading.

The Inner Game of FX Trading

Get Smarter.Think Faster. Amplify Performance.

“In this unique experiential workshop, designed for traders and high-intensity environments, you will learn and use a new thinking methodology to control and regulate your mental and emotional state, physiology, productivity and persuasion. You will develop a new mental blueprint of winning attitudes and success habits. You will learn to trade with laser focus and attention span like a samurai.”
Welcome to higher performance trading!

Welcome to “how to enhance your trading performance and psychology!”

The ultimate 5-secrets of high performing people and creating a purpose of giving meaning to what you do.

How can I serve substantially?

This unique and experiential workshop is about enhancing and sustaining high performance in forex trading.

It’s more than a set of strategies and techniques; it is an approach, a new mindset, a philosophy in life. It provides desire, passion and commitment to achieve the best possible standard of performance.

After attending this workshop, you will be able to apply a step by step process of creating, enhancing and installing a new professional mindset you need to become more of a consistent, disciplined, successful FX Trader and take your results to a higher level.

You will learn how to commit to achieving personal excellence, become absorbed in the process of achieving your best possible performance by high motivation, commitment, development of goals, a trading strategy, a business approach training and practice, focusing on the flawless execution of strategy, making the most profitable decisions and staying disciplined!

The objective of the workshop is to power you with practical and useful approaches, strategies and techniques you can implement within your trading to enhance your current level of performance, taking you to the next step from where you are now.

Becoming a top trader is a marathon not a sprint and only time can determine whether you will become a successful trader.

Training and practice will move you to the road of excellence!

And I am here to help you do that, to serve you greatly, to train and coach you to help you develop the required levels of skill, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour to master your mental and emotional state, to enhance your physiology, productivity and persuasion power.

Amongst other things you will learn to:

Prepare before you trade and how to be consistent during trading
Adopt new performance habits.
Avoid losing your discipline and strategy.
Handle mental overload, anger, fear, frustration, overconfidence, unwillingness to accept losses, slumps, financial pressures, stress outside the trading room.
Enter the mindset of an ideal trading state.
Stay calm and relaxed when the pressure is on at critical moments.
Smile at obstacles.
Develop positive beliefs about losses.
Park your errors and deal effectively with mistakes.
Overcome overconfidence.
Deal with negative emotions positively.
Handle embracing risks and uncertainty.
Overcome hesitation and fear.
Handle overtrading and distinguish activity with achievement.
Program your mind to build mental and psychological strengths.
Develop laser focus concentration.
Gain better control of how you feel in critical moments.
Regulate fear, stress, anxiety.
Manage emotional state.
Increase your stress capacity and help you feel free.

Join us for this exciting workshop to develop the mindset which illustrates the mental discipline that will enable you as an FX trader to amplify the level of your performance and profits.

Or bring this seminar into your organisation.

P.S. Soon the workshop will be offered live online as a short, comprehensive webinar. And you can watch over the internet from the comfort of your home or office over coffee. Let us know if you prefer this alternative! Cheers.

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Truly caring for your success

-Nicos Paschali