The One Who Sets The Frame For The Communication…

The frame governs perception, meaning, emotion, behaviour, and values.

We all live in a frame of reference.
Even a simple act of looking at a picture presupposes various frames of references.
What do we focus on, its overall configuration or some detail?
Do we do one and then the other?
Do we see it in terms of its beauty, in terms of what it took to create it, in terms of
its value financially, in terms of its usefulness, etc?
We learn a great many of our frames from within the culture of our maturation.
Afterwards, we live within those frames as unconsciously as apish lives in water.
Yet the frame governs perception, meaning, emotion and values!
Therefore he who sets the frame truly govern the interpersonal field that results.
Win/Lose or win/win frame?
-Nicos Paschali