We respond according to our maps of reality.

We respond according to our maps of reality.

Our map as our perception of the territory, determines or controls both our perceptions and our responses.
We respond to the world, not as the world exists but according to our map of it.
We do not operate directly on the world, but on our individual perceptions of the world.
We restate that the map consists of all filters such as: our beliefs, values, attitudes, language, memories, and we experiencing our map as thoughts through our sensory representations systems.
So before we expect someone to change their thinking, emoting, responding etc, their internal map must change.
The “map” is not the territory
What goes on inside our head (internal reality) concerning an event, it only comprises our perception of that event (external reality).
When we experience an event we try to make sense of it, so we construct  an internal representation in our minds of that event, which includes or sensory VAKOG components.
So really the map does not consist of the territory it represents.
It consist of the conceptual understanding of the event!.
We can never represent an external event exactly out there, therefore,  like the menu is not the meal.
-Nicos Paschali