Customer Value imperatives.

Be a customer value leader. Customer value leaders outperform their rivals by delivering superior value to a distinct segment of the market with a business model tightly fitted to its purpose. When we look at most markets, we see the formation of three distinct customer segments:
  • performance value buyers, who seek a product that meets their demanding requirements for quality, fashion or functionality;
  • price value buyers, who simply want the best price for an adequate level of performance or service; and
  • relational value buyers, who put a premium on total solutions that meet their needs beyond product attributes,  including service, financing,  technical assistance and so on.
The brilliance of customer value leaders lies, in part, in their humility— they understand that they cannot be all things to all customer segments. These companies make the hard choice of which segment to target, offer a value proposition that is distinct from those offered by their competitors and deliver this value— often underperforming in other segments that they do not select.