Blended Learning Is Not Optional!

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Blended learning is not optional anymore!
business are looking for cost effective training due to distractions and attention spans. More and more clients are contracting us to design and deliver blended micro-learning. Breaking knowledge down into digestible units or modules. Learning in digestible, bite-sized chunks, face-to-face, live online and on demand.
We’ve been designing and delivering blended micro-learning for the last 15 years. Believe it or not! It might be a new challenge for you. It used to be an option for learning projects but not anymore. Oh yes.? And we have always ensured to delivering it globally.
“Training is an event, but learning is a journey.” Organisations used to treat training as a one-size-fits-all class presented in a classroom. We recognise that classroom time can still be valuable for skill practice. We maximise the learning experience. We treat training as part of an ongoing learning journey. With face to face, online, video, assessment, gaming and social learning components.
Blended learning is not new. It is becoming more important in engaging your team and building their skills. Because of the changing needs and learning styles of a multigenerational workforce. Because of the expectations of new generation of learners.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you. How to design and deliver a flexible, experiential and cost effective training.