Elevate your Competence for Business Performance and Quality of Life Change with Deeper and Sustainable Learning.

We trained and coached hundreds of people since 1980.Thirty-seven years! We keep reinventing our method. Thus our training and coaching are more accessible and more affordable to more people.

We have training programs for:
the mass market,
for our passion,
exclusive for the few and
the magic programs that solve big burning problems for you and your people!

We can deliver magic programs within a short notice (on call)! 🙂

We elevate our deliverables even further by integrating neuroscience of learning and technology. Our programs are more flexible and more affordable. Our clients reduce the learning budget, and they get higher quality programs.

We have advanced our training to be more actionable, a form of experiential learning. We do that before-during-and after the program. Participants learn from reflection and accept responsibility to put learning into action faster. They make meaning from direct experience.

Can you visualise for a moment what is going on in a training class? People steal time with questions, and facilitators play with mobile phones during activities. Neglect and skip the reflection component of learning as it is difficult to do out of context?

We give knowledge without interruptions upfront. Activities (face-to-face or live online) help participants apply learning to their specific situation. Coaching sessions with feedback enable participants to apply learning in the workplace.

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