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    Do Managers Matter In Your Business? 

    “Manage Today and Lead Tomorrow” training helps YOU become a better manager and leader.

    It is an integrated training and coaching program. It has been in place for several years. We keep it current with updates and inclusions of recent neuroscience findings and other intelligences.

    It points to significant improvements in managerial and leadership effectiveness and performance.

    Get in touch with us today to explore the possibility of adapting it to your specific situation!

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    Negative Thinking? 

    Negative thinking can easily destroy your life, especially when it gets out of control. You can easily have doubts and fears that stop you from succeeding and fulfilling your dreams.

    How is your negative thinking driving your life?

    Do you know that you can get rid off it?


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    Connect Intelligently! 

    One of the questions that we seek to address in this message is how do we cut through the noise of social media to connect intelligently!

    How do we marshal what we know that much more quickly?

    How do we find and keep supporters?

    How do we influence the greatest number of people?

    How do we propel connectional intelligence beyond traditional networking and the massive entertainment element of all digital lives toward a loftier purpose?

    In short, how do we get behind this newfound connectivity and use it to get to the places we want to go?

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    Massive Thoughts Must Be Followed By Massive Actions. 

    The following is the basic series of mistakes people make when setting out to  achieve goals: 

    1. Mistargeting by setting objectives that are too low and don’t allow for enough  correct motivation. 

    2. Severely underestimating what it will take in terms of actions, resources,  money, and energy to accomplish the target. 

    3. Spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their  sector. 

    4. Underestimating the amount of adversity they will need to overcome in order to  actually attain their desired goal. 

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    Why Small Wins Help With Habit Development! 

    Small wins help you feel like you’re accomplishing something.  If we focus too much on the bigger goals, we’ll feel like we will never get there.  That’s why smaller wins are so important.  They give us motivation to keep on going where it snowballs into the development of the bigger goals.

    Small wins give us motivation to keep on going, often snowballing into success with larger goals. If you want to design goals and achieve them succesfully, talk to us.
    Find out how are teachings and coaching can help you thrive in the new year.
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    Invest In Yourself! 

    invest in yourself

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    Elevate your Competence for Business Performance and Quality of Life Change with Deeper and Sustainable Learning. 

    We trained and coached hundreds of people since 1980.Thirty-seven years! We keep reinventing our method. Thus our training and coaching are more accessible and more affordable to more people.

    We have training programs for:
    the mass market,
    for our passion,
    exclusive for the few and
    the magic programs that solve big burning problems for you and your people!

    We can deliver magic programs within a short notice (on call)! 🙂

    We elevate our deliverables even further by integrating neuroscience of learning and technology. Our programs are more flexible and more affordable. Our clients reduce the learning budget, and they get higher quality programs.

    We have advanced our training to be more actionable, a form of experiential learning. We do that before-during-and after the program. Participants learn from reflection and accept responsibility to put learning into action faster. They make meaning from direct experience.

    Can you visualise for a moment what is going on in a training class? People steal time with questions, and facilitators play with mobile phones during activities. Neglect and skip the reflection component of learning as it is difficult to do out of context?

    We give knowledge without interruptions upfront. Activities (face-to-face or live online) help participants apply learning to their specific situation. Coaching sessions with feedback enable participants to apply learning in the workplace.

    For making the shift to new ways of learning with higher success and better ROI, you may contact us today!

    Elevate your workplace learning to deliver business outcomes, by contacting us today!

    If waiting is frustrating for you. And if you question the value of training programs you have been attending, then it is time to contact us today. Find how-how we can help you add value and achieve your personal and business outcomes.


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    Did you Boost your Brain Power today? 

    How to apply neuroscience in the workplace.

    Neuroscience is a rapidly expanding field of research that uses imaging technology to track the physical changes that take place in our brains in response to different stimuli, and measures their impact.

    These physical changes are the result of a phenomenon called neuroplasticity: the ability to create new connections in our brains as a result of our thoughts, learning and behavior.

    There are five areas in which neuroscientific findings could aid your personal effectiveness and well-being:

    1. Regular exercise can improve memory and learning.
    2. Mindfulness meditation can reduce stress.
    3. Learning enhances learning!
    4. Good sleep, and gradual waking in natural blue light, can improve our ability to learn.
    5. Eating healthily contributes to psychological well-being and general intelligence.
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    Solving Problems… 

    There is always a way!
    That means there isn’t a problem out there that can’t be handled.
    Sure, not always in the way you’d like…
    … but a solution does exist.

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    Make Your Managers More Coach-Like… 

    We protect manager’s already full schedule! We give managers the tools to make coaching part of their everyday behaviour. We help them learn how to build new habits and change behaviour. We help them coach the team for new habits and behaviour.

    We offer a 90-minute workshop. Your managers and leaders will learn how to be more coach-like. And be able to support their teams through consistent and ongoing feedback. We share vast experience examples and practical ways to foster autonomous, accountable teams. Your people will also learn to elevate their conversational intelligence, a proven framework for more productive, engaging conversations.

    We offer the workshop (face-to-face or live online) as:
    a standalone session,
    a complement to a conference or
    a powerful introduction workshop

    Get in touch with us today for a meaningful conversation to ask and get answers to your questions!

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