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    Reaching Goals Is Easy, Setting them Is Tough! 

    Find out where you stand in life today! Rate yourself 1-10 (10 is the highest) by downloading the wheel of life. You might change areas of life and draft your own wheel of life. And do it today.

    wheel of life

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    How To Provide More Effective Coaching! 

    Personal coaching of other people is a wonderfully rewarding thing to do.

    Coaching is about enabling people to create change through learning. It’s also about people being more, doing more, achieving more and, above all, contributing more.

    In our constant quest for success, happiness and fulfilment, coaching provides a way by which one person can truly support the progress of another. So if you want to begin coaching, or simply coach more effectively, I hope you’ll enjoy our “Coach More Effectively”, programme and find that it supports you.

    The field of coaching needs more of us to constantly develop our own learning, and so improve general standards of coaching everywhere.

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    Growing Leaders… 

    The most successful companies don’t recruit leaders. They grow their own.

    A leadership shortage is one of the biggest barriers to growth at companies around the world. In fact, developing new leaders is the No. 1 talent challenge facing organizations worldwide, with 86 percent of companies rating it as “urgent” or “important.”

    Do you believe that the performance of your leaders has a massive impact on your bottom line?

    Most executives instinctively know that strong leadership is essential for overall organizational success. However, in most organisations, there is a lack of urgency to improve leadership skills driven by a belief that an organization’s current leadership capacity — and subsequent performance — is good enough. But is it?

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    Leaders Spend More Time on Coaching Because … 

    1. They see coaching as an essential tool for achieving business goals.
    2. They enjoy helping people develop.
    3. They are curious.
    4. They are interested in establishing connections.
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    Why Succession Planning fails! 

    If succession planning works, how do the wrong people so often get to the top?

    Succession planning was once the key to identifying potential leaders to fill important positions. However, in today’s rapidly evolving business world traditional succession planning is no longer a viable strategy with research showing that 70% of succession plans fail within two years, simply from lack of management support.
    In a climate of growing skills shortages and lack of confidence in leadership potential, how can we develop practical solutions which align employee ambitions and business priorities to ensure that organizations have the right leadership in place for ongoing success?

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    Yes, You Can Change Your Habits! 

    Habits Are Not Innate Features of Life, They are Learned. You Can Change Them!

    Do you want to know?

    • How can you succeed quicker than others AND maintain your success in the long run?
    • What is the difference between people who can enjoy life despite adversities and those who don’t seem to be happy even when the sun shines?
    • What do high achievers do differently to improve and grow exponentially?

    There are a few habits –small shifts in your everyday life – that can have a significant impact on your relationship, work, and health. There is never too late to start today learning and implementing these habits into your life.

    What are the primary goals in your life?
    •to get more done?
    •to have a more significant life?
    •to have more willpower and discipline?
    •to develop skill faster?
    •to be a better wife or father?
    •to increase your confidence?

    Create the great life you want!

    • rewire your brains to develop healthier habits,
    • learn to make wiser decisions in less time,
    • ignore distractions,
    • don’t give in to temptations

    Change your life for the better. For good. And keep Going!

    Get in touch with us and find out more about our 1:1 “Habits Training and Coaching Programme”. You will be able to change your bad habits and adopt new ones – the most necessary ones in your life. By selecting the best habits in your life— mindfulness, self-control, confronting fear, ditching the guilt and others—you will be able to achieve goals you set your mind to.

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    What Are Your 3-5 Most Important Values? 

    Your values are those qualities you regularly adhere to.
    Values indicate to yourself and others what is important to you. When you change your values often, you are perceived to be unreliable. So, if something is a true value, it requires you to be steadfast in it. Values give you tracks to run on and keep you focused on bringing about your Purpose and your Vision.
    So, your values should align you with the qualities that foster your Purpose and Vision.
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    What’s Your Vision? 

    Vision offers you the opportunity to see what your purpose ‘looks’ like.
    Vision gives you a glimpse of yourself above and beyond your current life path. A compelling vision gives you a picture of the future to hold onto so you know which thoughts, feelings, and actions to follow.
    As you ‘see’ yourself in certain situations, you automatically ‘feel’ it too so you can know if it’s the right direction of travel for you. Then you can back it up with tangible action steps to implement change so you live on track with your vision.
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    What’s Your Purpose? 

    Humans are unique in our need for purpose.
    When we have a purpose, we have a reason for being. Having a purpose keeps us motivated when we encounter the many small challenges of life. Focusing on our purpose also helps us find our way back into meaningful activity when we feel lost. When we have a sense of purpose it helps us decipher what to focus on and what to leave aside.
    Purpose reveals what’s important and what’s not.
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    Coaching One-on-One? 


    The importance of connection!

    Find out how we do actionable coaching! We deliver practical training programs and individual coaching for the global business community.

    We use real experiential learning for the organisation to upskill groups and individuals.

    Our training and coaching programmes include team and leadership development and learning. We design and deliver our programmes to be relevant and outcome-driven. We train differently and challenge the status quo. Every now and then we disrupt learning and development. 🙂

    Get in touch with us today and find out how to bring these programs in your workplace. More than 35 beautiful and rewarding years of proven record!

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