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    Learn the high skills required to secure that important job interview. And persuade someone to nail the dream job. 

    Copy of job seekers 2-4

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    Secure that important job interview! 

    Copy of job seekers 2

    Put an end to all those missed opportunities and forced compromises. Nail your dream job by showing your trust and strategy execution capabilities. Contact us today to experience the new approach to landing the interview and nailing the job.

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    Find a Daily Challenge! 

    When you challenge yourself in any area of your life, you end up growing. If you stick to what you already know and you only do the things you know you’re good at, you stay stagnant

    Make Exercise and Eating Right a Priority today!

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    Happy & Motivated? 

    The happiest and most motivated professionals are often those who have found meaning in their work, psychological research shows.

    However, finding a sense of purpose is easier said than done.

    According to a national Gallup poll, only 30 percent of professionals feel engaged at work, which leaves 70 percent that feels apathetic or disinterested.

    Career and leadership experts, supported by a growing body of workplace research, know that there are multiple ways to start taking  control of your career.

    Here are four ways successful people get the most out of their work life:
    1. They set high goals for themselves
    2. They break those goals down into benchmarks
    3. They invest in their work relationships
    4. They make learning a habit

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    Values and Beliefs 

    Values are emotional states that are based on our life experience. They are most important for us to experience (move toward) or avoid (move away from).
    The moving-toward values, or “pleasure” values, are emotions. Like love, happiness, success, security, adventure. We know them as ends  values.
    It’s important to make the distinction between means values, and ends  values. Means values are “vehicles” or “instruments.” Ends values drive our behaviours as human beings.
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    Move on to public speaking? 

    Did you know that In public speaking, the memory of the audience members works the same? People do not remember what you say. They only remember what they see and feel while you say it.

    The only way to make your point remembered is to “associate it with a story, a visual analogy, or an experience”.

    Because people remember information using images, the only way for you to tell a 10-minute speech is to tell a story and make a point.

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    Improving Your Interpersonal Skills 

    It takes time and practice to improve your interpersonal skills. Many of the skills may take time for you to adopt; however, there are also some quick techniques that you can use to start to make things easier almost immediately.

    1. Stay professional.
      Be at your best in every situation. Remember that the way you act reflects on your character. Learn to deal with situations in an appropriate way.
    2. Establish credibility.
      Be sincere. If you are truthful and upfront with people, it will go a long way to gaining another person’s respect and trust.
    3. Understand others’ point of view.
      Remember to reflect on what others tell you. Even if you disagree, take the time to learn and understand another person’s perspective.
    4. Learn about others.
      Take time to talk with employees or clients. Conversations do not need to be work related. Sometimes simple conversations can help you learn about the person and build rapport.
    5. Be confident.
      Keep eye contact and a relaxed body posture. Be sure to speak clearly and at a moderate pace.
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    Supervision: How to Plan and Direct Performance 

    Recently updated and upgraded. Find out more about how to bring this experiential deep learning workshop in your organisation!

    Learning Outcomes

    • Set clear expectations for team members and gain commitment
    • Set focussed well crafted goals with significant consequence or value for team members that motivate & inspire dedication
    • Effectively assign work that has been set according to each employee & situation
    • Master techniques to delegate effectively
    • Develop approaches to conducting feedback sessions
    • Provide informal, constructive feedback
    • Develop priorities, importance & time management strategies
    • Managing and resolving polarities and conflicting force
    • Create a path and action plan for personal development
  • Nicos Paschali 12:56 pm on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Strategy Execution Tops! 

    Many leadership volumes are around. Leadership courses proliferate. Management tomes fill many libraries. The willing and unwilling to attend courses in both face-to-face and the web.

    All manner of experts are offering paid-for and free courses. Yet success as an entrepreneur or in business comes about from execution.

    Not from leadership or management strategies or tactics.

  • Nicos Paschali 5:56 am on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Feeling good? 

    What people want in life is to change one of two things.
    1. Change the way they feel about something.
    Move from frustration to confidence. Move from sad to happy, from depressed to strong.
    2. Change a behaviour.
    Stop smoking or drinking. Taking massive action. Exercise and enjoy it. Follow through on their commitments.
    The only reason we want to change our behaviours is to feel good.
    Everything human beings do is an attempt to change the way they feel, to “change state.”
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